The Super Stacker

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The Super Stacker


Finally a legitimate stacker that's 100% Organic. I was told by a friend it couldn't be done. Well after months of research and a year of trials I can say with confidence that it is possible.

THE SUPER STACKER is made from extracts just like all our other products in our line.

THE SUPER STACKER is made out of Fern extract for tight nodes mushroom extract for height bamboo extract short cell structure sea water amino's/ b1/vitamin pack a few other things that are proprietary.

This product only needs to be fed once a week for two weeks.


Last week of Veg cycle & first week of flower cycle.

***TIP : to further control height keep using THE SUPER STACKER for one more week 3 weeks total

5ml / 1tsp per 3gallons

  • Category: Flower Development Stage
  • Model# :TBST
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